May 21st 2017


Not going to lie, I was too grumpy to post last night, so thought I would spare everyone my mood. 

Perhaps not very authentic of me, but hey ho. 

It was a relatively nothing weekend really. I am having Monday morning regret about not getting more done around the house. We have been shuffling all the kids bedrooms around now that the girls are both at uni and it’s feeling like a never ending task of furniture moving, painting and sorting through stuff. Which kind of sums up the last year really. 

Maybe I need to have more of a bandaid/plaster approach and just rip it off quickly, or in this case just have a mad week dedicating time to it?

The girls will be home from Uni on the weekend, so if there was ever motivation there it is. 

Part of my frustration is that I want to create a lovely space for them, given we’ve taken their rooms off them. They will be going into a bigger room, but will have to share. Unfortunately we hadn’t budgeted for this when we set the family budget at the beginning of the year, thus meaning going back over the budget to see where we can make cuts. 


Not an activity I enjoy at all which unfortunately for my poor husband, was reflected in my mood. Maybe there is a reality TV show for people like me, where they could come and slash my life to bits (not just the grocery bill) , so I  won’t have to make big emotional decisions. 

I do find it all very emotional. I wish I didn’t. 

In nicer news, it was lovely hearing Joshua shoutcast matches in the Unified World Finals of Vainglory on the weekend.  I know nothing about the game, so a big yay for parents everywhere who take an interest in things their kids do that they have no understanding of 😂. 

It’s lovely when you see them start to make their way in the world. Makes everything worthwhile. 

Until next ime.

Do you find dealing with money emotional or are you quite pragmatic about it? 


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