Slashing the Home Ed budget.

Hubby sat me down yesterday to  pull teeth work out our budget for 2017.

I have a love hate relationship with my husband doing the budget. Hubby loves a spreadsheet, I mean really loves ones. Me not so much!

On one hand I love having a budget because we tend to achieve so much more, but on the other, I hate it because it messes with my sense of spontaneity.

After quite an expensive house renovation last year, we sat down yesterday to slash money off our budget, and boy did that hurt. I am always amazed at the physical reactions I have to this process. But we did it (in theory), and one of the areas hit was my home ed budget- ouch!

Home ed has become a bit of a cash cow, as some businesses cotton on to the money-making side of home education. I am a bit sad about this really, which is somewhat hypocritical of me, as I also am drawn to the experiential ones that I am not likely to do at home.

But as we sat down with our  metaphorical knives to slash the spreadsheet,wp-1483453677178.jpg it got me thinking of how I could change the way we home ed this year.

Here are some ideas I came up to with this morning, I would love to hear some of yours.

Parent co-ops-

Joining with other like-minded parents to do things we are unlikely to do at home ourselves. For some people who might be arts and crafts, for others it might be messy play or science, coding or hacking.

Not running it as a service provided activity, but one where each parent plays a part. Whether that be taking a turn at the activity, or looking after younger siblings.

Accessing local services-

There are some great outreach services being run by Universities and Historical societies. I would love to tap into more of these this year. Not that I am particularly brilliant at organising things, but if I was, then I would definitely do this lol.


I often wonder if there are people within our local communities with skills to offer that are sitting at home lonely. I would love to find a way of joining people with people and taking the time to learn from one another.

Getting back to basics-

I think that sometimes I over complicate home ed. As we use more and more services providers, I think I have lost my confidence and creativity for trying more things at home. I suspect I have also become a little lazy. I think I need to re-evaluate this, and find ways of doing more at home together.

How about you?   Do you have a home ed budget? What are some ways you manage to save money when it comes to home educating?

I would really love to hear your thoughts.



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  1. Oh budgeting is always a nightmare here too! It’s the stuff that creeps in that puts a spanner in the works for us, like the car needing fixing etc.

    For home ed we are pretty much set, a while back we bought a full membership to the curriculum we use so we have it all in one place, it was the cheapest we found, and has paid for itself already, it includes all sorts of courses, audios, videos and reading materials, which reduces the need to buy many extras. Aside from that, we buy good quality art and craft supplies which last well, and we ask for membership passes to local attractions, National Trust, English Heritage etc for birthdays and Christmas.

    We try and make as many things as we can rather than buying which is teaching us skills to bring to the kids like knitting, whittling etc and I love your networking idea, I bet there are so many people out there with skills to share who would love to come along to co op/ home ed group and share them. Also parents sharing their skills too, I think I will take these ideas to our home ed group 😉

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    1. Maria Loves says:

      It’s the theatre trips and organised visits/excursions that push me over budget. I need to learn to say no more. 🙂

      Let me know if any of the ideas catch on, would love to hear if anything comes of it.

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