When the kids come home.

I love having my kids home from uni, I truly ruly do. It makes my heart sing to have each of my grown up babies home in the nest.

But that doesn’t mean it comes problem free. I find that each time it happens the family has to realign itself again.

Here are a few areas of adjustment I have noticed over the past 2 weeks.


Just when I have worked out how to cook for 4 or 5 depending on whether older son is at home or not, I then have to readjust back to 7.   This means that sometimes in the early days there is not enough food and everyone eats smaller portion sizes. And it also means, that when everyone returns to uni, and the number I cook for shrinks back down, we have left overs for days.

Pecking Order –

Every house has its own pecking order, whether you are aware of it or not. I find it intriguing to watch how this changes with each child who leaves or comes home. It isn’t always the oldest either, sometimes it is he/she who squeaks the loudest who gets the most oil.


We tweaked our bedrooms when eldest son (22) was in his third year. Largely because we thought he would be moving from uni to somewhere else. So we gave his bedroom to a younger sibling. But as now he has returned home, younger sibling has been using the bedroom of older sister (18).

I feel really bad for younger brother (16) as I think he is somewhat displaced and this really bugs me.  However in saying that, he doesn’t really want to share with his younger (10) brother either. So he shuffles around rooms.

Short of building him his own room in the basement, or putting him outside in Juniper the caravan, there isn’t really much more I can do about it while he refuses to share (as I would happily set it up nicely for him). Eldest son, shout casts so needs a private space, and no body else is willing to give up their room.



I have a love hate relationship with the noise levels 5 children bring.  I know that kids need to make noise, and over the years as an introvert I have learnt to develop coping strategies, as after all it is my issue not theirs. But I do find that period or readjustment hard to handle when everyone is home and the noise levels escalate once more.

I love that our house is full of kids and happy (sometimes mostly) noise and wouldn’t have it any other way.

But the fact that I want my own bedazzled pair of ear defenders also says something about me I think.


We don’t really have the toy issue we once had, and in fact as Joey was never really into toys as such, we haven’t had it for quite some time.

But what we do have when everyone comes home is piles of coats and shoes in the hall way, cluttered bench and table tops and general stuff that no one wants to carry upstairs.

I have a perpetual Jacob’s ladder on the stairs of stuff I want people to carry up to their rooms when they go.

I also now realise that I need to put back all the coat hooks I took down during our recent renovations, to help alleviate this problem.

How about you?  We all love our kids and wouldn’t want our lives to be any different, but what drives you crazy?



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