Poop talking teens.


Today I am breaking my own rules (rules where made to be broken right?  Yeah not really), but today I am a rebel mamma.

I can’t take it any more and I need to break my silence about a horrible teen epidemic sweeping through my world.

Teens talking about their poop!  I just don’t get it.

Do other people’s teens talk about poop? Nope just mine then?


They say a problem shared is a problem halved.


I don’t normally bad mouth (or is it potty mouth?) my teens online, we have a family policy about no dirty laundry on social media. If you’ve got something to say, say it and say it too my face bad-boy!


But yesterday amidst another description of his excretal win, my hand went up into the air and I issued fair warning.

“You share with me one more thing about your experience on the toilet, and that’s it.

I am blogging about it!”

He smiled, and his eyes twinkled, and I think he may have started embellishing a little.  About that time, I had this movie scene enter my head.


How did this start?  I wish I could say it was just my own kids that do this, that would leave me with some hope for humanity, but sadly, I have heard other kids, from equally nice families talk about their poop!


Is it a throw back to their childhood, where every achievement was praised and rewarded with a treat or gold star?


Have we created a generation, where nothing is sacred?  And is that a good thing?  Is it progress that boundaries around acceptable topics have been removed?  Or are we going backwards as a society?

Do your teens have to discuss how stinky their farts are?  Or now much sweeter life is now they have pooped?

I don’t need to know that there was a hallelujah chorus playing in your head as the toilet flushed.

I really don’t!

I would really love to know I am not alone here. Anyone have teens that do this too?






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