Eddie The Eagle meets Cricket.

Yesterday, Joey and I  set off for the Lancashire County Cricket Club, for the Into Film Festival showing of Eddie the Eagle. We were meeting other home educated friends there as well, making the morning even more fun.

We arrived at the Club and were ushered upstairs for the viewing. The age range of the audience was huge.  The home educated ones being the youngest, and students from Trafford College the eldest. But that is the beauty of this kind of film, as everyone can take away from it, something that is relevant to their stage of life.

I had deliberately put off watching this movie, because I suspected it would be added to the Into Film list, and as this festival is an important and much enjoyed part of our home ed calendar, I wanted to make the most of it.

I am so glad we got to watch it, and I am really chuffed we got to view it at such a fab venue.

My heart ran the gamut of emotions during the film.  I felt the stabbing disappointment hearing his father’s discouraging words over and over again.wp-1479212220350.jpg I felt love and admiration for the mother who encouraged him to keep going after his dreams, and never belittled him. I winced at every fall he took, laughed at the naive, but beautifully authentic way Eddie approached life. Cried when he failed, cheered when he succeeded (OK I was cheering on the inside, I am not THAT uncool of a mother), and had eye-watering moments watching a 10-year-old giggle his way through the ‘Bo Derek’ scene.

There were also tears (thank goodness for waterproof mascara) during the final scene where dad realising the error of his ways, embraced his son, and declared his pride at all he had done.

What a great movie.

wp-1479212203362.jpgBut the experience didn’t end there. Ian the Educational Officer at LCCC gave us a wonderful tour of the ground and it’s media facilities. Patiently answering our questions and humbly putting up with my England vs Australia cricket jibes (not a smart move in retrospect, given the current season).

It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning, which really was a pleasant surprised, as we weren’t really sure what we signing up for.

Thank you once again Into Film for a fabulous movie, and thank you LCCC for your gracious hospitality.  Also a special thanks to the Trafford College tutor, who repeated his talk on Sky Sports, for the benefit of our children.


Till next time.




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