You know you home educate when…

It’s half term and;


You fluctuate between crazy activity booking demon, and ‘please just leave me in my pj’s’ couch surfer.

There is no middle ground. You are doomed. 


This is me.  There are some half terms, where I could quite happily spend the whole week in my pj’s having Tesco deliver and not going anywhere or seeing anyone. Then there are the ones where I  become a crazed, let’s take advantage of every activity ever and fill up our days with wonderment and stress.


 You avoid all parks, beaches and play centres, and gently have to remind yourself with a huff and a pout that they are not solely for your enjoyment.


I know, I know, it’s selfish but we all do it.  We dread having to go anywhere that we would normally venture out during term time.


Ear defenders for adults, suddenly became a thing. 

I know it’s wrong and I am evil.

But in the immortal words of Jud and Prudie (from Poldark).

 ‘tisn’t right

‘tisn’t fair

‘tisn’t fit

‘tisn’t proper

But it’s true.  Half term makes me want to wear ear defenders.




(Seems Maria, forgot her legs.  Perhaps legless after all?)

But the absolute best thing about half term is…


Nobody asks ‘No school today?’


It will completely mess with young minds.

How about you, what’s your favourite, or worst experience of half term holidays?






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