Birthday Gift list Master 10


The Stuff We Love section of this blog, contains affiliate links. It is a review section, where we tell you what we like, what we gift, and what has worked for our family. 


My son Joey is 10 on Sunday, and this is the list of products he has asked for this year.

I am not going to lie, it’s probably one of the most eclectic gift lists I’ve ever had from one of my kids.

Cherry Tree Racing Gaming Style PU Leather Swivel Office Chair in 2 Colours (Red)

With our recent renovation, I have moved my desk into the new extension, leaving my old computer desk and computer without its chair.  Joey thought it was the perfect reason to request a gaming chair. He was given a birthday budget and a colour pallet he was allowed to choose from, and this is the chair he chose.

Malic Acid Powder (Food Grade) 500g (Home Brew/Wine Making)

The most bizarre request on his list this year was Malic Acid. I can only assume, that he has watched a YouTube video where someone has eaten Malic Acid. Or he has worked out that it is an ingredient in sour sweets.

I was a little disconcerted when he told me that this is what he wanted. The first thought I had, was that I had best check the restricted substance lists 😉

But to my surprise, I found it was sometimes actually used to help combat fatigue and was recommended to aid well-being. I might have to try some myself.

My only hope is that he’s not secretly making home-brew.

Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made

For the last couple of birthdays, Joey has always spent time searching for a new book to add to his growing collection.  This year he chose Timmy Failure. As a fan of  Diary of a Wimpy Kid , I wasn’t surprised this made the list when I read the blurb and reviews.

Timmy is the owner of the ‘Total Failure’ detective agency, where he works with his polar bear. Reading the reviews, others have found it hilarious which no doubt he will enjoy. The book is listed by The Sunday Times as one of 100 Modern Children’s Classics It was also a winner of a Booktrust Best Book Award.

I can see a book review vlog in our future.

Lastly, the item Joey chose was from over at  The Merchants of Magic 

Criss Angel MINDFREAK Platinum Magic Kit

After doing a search to find what was the best recommended magic kit for children, we settled on this one.  Joey is not my first child to be into card/magic f7dca51ba93bc8145a4c7bfd239cb59btricks, and I am over having little bits of plastic lying around my living room floor. I wanted a kit that wasn’t just a toy, but would teach him the basics of illusion.

A winner of the The Best Magic Kit, I was happy to see an instructional DVD to help him in his pursuit. I know I am quite a visual learner, so I am hoping that it will be of benefit to him to have something he can watch and learn from.

What’s the weirdest thing, your child has asked for on their birthday?




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