Snap Circuits Jr


My son Joey loves anything circuitry related.  Initially it was his love for Redstone in Minecraft that led me to these kits.  He spent hours using Redstone to make elaborate structures that move, light up or shoot me long distances in his Minecraft world. The joys of being a human- well Minecraft canon fodder. Personally I love Minecraft as a teaching tool, and this was the perfect way to draw links between his online world, and practical everyday life.

The Snap Circuits have been a big hit in our house.  The simple instructions make it a doddle for Joey (he’s now 9) to follow and use independently.  I don’t know that he has ever had to call on me to help with something.

It has been encouraging to see him get this kit out time and time again and rediscover a new project. It been a wonderful addition to our home educating resources.

These kits are sturdy and well made, yet easy enough for little fingers to manipulate and use. You can buy add-on kits which help continue the learning. And best of all it retains it’s value for money, because you can keep reusing the kits or adding to them at birthdays and Christmas. Unlike so many kits today, they are not disposable.

This is a short video of my son using it in 2014 when he was 7, he had just completed ‘The using parts as conductors’ exercise.

You can buy yours here.
Snap Circuits Jr. – SC-100

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