I hate schedules


Yup, there I said it.

I hate lists, I hate schedules, I hate anything really that means I can’t change my mind about something.  They make me feel locked in.    However, I am learning that I no longer have to feel like I am a slave to a list or a schedule, it is merely a tool to be used, a signpost to help direct my day.

I did not fail if I did not stick to it.  I am not a horrible person,  and the sky will not cave in.

I can try again tomorrow, or this afternoon, or later in the day.

The irony of this post is that I am about to tell you my new blogging schedule.

Tuesday mornings, and Thursday afternoons I am often home, making them naturally great days to get a blog in.

I am going to try and blog those two days a week.  Don’t shoot me if I fail!



(Forgive my drawings, they aren’t going to get any better!)




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