A blog and stuff..

To the lost soul who finds yourself here, with me, I apologise.

For those of you know have known me since my Xanga blogging days, you will know, that I have reinvented myself on the internet so many times, that even I have lost count.

I had really wanted to call my page Mediocre Maria, as to be honest, I feel that I am not a home ed mum that does anything super duper.

I feel that what I am good at, is doing the mediocre stuff well.

I am not a highly ambitious person, I am not a go-getter, I am not competitive or possess any of the other wonderful skills that I often associate with successful people.

I am a mum, who has plodded along for the past 22, almost 23 years raising kids, and fulfilling the original plan I had for them all those years ago.

To equip my kids to live well in the world.  To contribute, to find their passions, to have fun, to be kind and to love and be loved along the way.

I think I have done a pretty ok job at that.

But they don’t give awards for raising good kids, and surprisingly, they don’t even give awards to parents who have managed to do it, without stuffing them up too badly.

But I think that should be a thing.



Sadly it isn’t. So I had to draw my own.

So here you have it, my blog, and stuff.

The life of a pretty ordinary home ed mum, who does pretty ordinary stuff in an ok kinda way.

Thanks for sharing in the journey.




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